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Hammerite protects and rejuvenates metal. Hammerite is a one stop solution with a range of easy & convenient metal paints, primers and rust treatments.

The global best-selling paint for metal ‘Hammerite Direct To Rust Paint’ is formulated so that it gives up to 8 years protection. No primer is required and it can be applied directly to rusty metal. It is also quick drying so that means the job can be done in a day.

  • Ultima metal paint is the next evolution in  metal paint.
    It is waterbased and can be applied direct to all types of
    metal and rust. It is corrosion resistant, quick drying and
    provides ultimate long lasting protection

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    Paint for all Metals - Ultima

  • Durable, corrosion resistant decorative coating
    for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, certain
    plastics and wood. This is a brilliant smooth or
    hammered gloss finish which will retain its sheen
    for years.

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    Direct to Rust Metal Paint

  • Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint is
    specially formulated as a primer, undercoat and
    top coat in one for application straight onto
    non-rusting metal, such as galvanised steel,
    aluminum, copper and brass.

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    Direct To Galvanised Metal Paint

  • Hammerite Task specific paint is designed
    for unconventional surfaces that require
    a specialist application.

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    Task Specific Paint

  • For rusty surfaces Hammerite rust
    treatments has got you covered.

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    Rust Treatments

  • Hammerite Special Metals Primer is a
    water-based primer to promote adhesion
    to non-ferrous metals.

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  • Due to the unique formulation of Hammerite
    Metal Paint, brushes and equipment must be
    cleaned with Hammerite Brush Cleaner &

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  • Durable, heat resistant protective finish specially
    formulated to withstand very high temperatures.
    Easy to use, just apply directly to rust on surface,
    dries within 8 hours

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    Aerosol Spray

  • Direct to Rust SMOOTH Aerosol Paint

  • Direct to Rust Metal Paint SMOOTH finish

  • Direct to Rust Metal Paint HAMMERED finish

  • Direct to Rust HAMMERED Aerosol Paint

  • Direct to Rust SATIN Aerosol Paint

  • Direct to Rust Metal Paint SATIN Finish

  • Direct to Rust Metal Paint GALVANISED

  • Hammerite Garage Door Paint

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    Rust Remover 500 ml Dip

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  • Barbecue Paint Aerosol

  • Hammerite Special Metal Primer

  • Hammerite Ultima Metal Paint SMOOTH Finish

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    Hammerite High Heat Aerosol, 285g, Black

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  • Hammerite No1 Rustbeater

  • Hammerite Kurust

  • Hammerite Ultima Metal Paint MATT Finish

  • Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinner