Trimaco Dirt Trapper Ultra StickyMat Non-skid Frame 30 Layer Mat

$104.52 $20.90 (Inc GST)
Code: 01261

Trimaco's Dirt Trapper Ultra Sticky Mat is the perfect solution to reduce tracking on the job. When placed inside jobsite or work area entrances, the sticky mat traps dirt, dust and contaminants from shoes, boots, hand trucks and carts. The durable non-skid frame will hold up to the toughest use and can be refilled with additional sticky sheets, which are available in 30 sheet counts.

  • Sticky mat reduces job site tracking from shoes and wheels
  • Sticky mat pulls dirt off shoes protecting floors from dirt and dust
  • Great for all entryways
  • Just peel the dirty layer off to reveal a new, clean-sheet underneath
  • Includes 30 layers 24 in. x 30 in. mat
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