3M Scotch Mirror Mounting Tape 2.5cm x 1.5m, White

$12.65 (Inc GST)
Code: 3M-70006949799

Save your tools for another job, and mount your mirrors with the powerful adhesion of Scotch™ Mirror Mounting Tape.

This double-coated tape permanently adheres to your mirrors and wall for quick, easy and accurate mounting.

It's humidity-resistant, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

So the next time your décor calls for a mirror, mount it in a snap and don't forget to admire your reflection for a job well done with Scotch™ Mirror Mounting Tape.

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Intended for indoor use only

Humidity-resistant adhesive provides a powerful hold in humid environments

Delivers a strong, permanent bond on contact

Holds up to 4.5kg, 35cm holds 1kg

Easy-to-apply design with no mess or tools

Ideal for use on finished/painted surfaces, metal, tile and more

Ensure your surface is smooth, clean and dry for the best bond

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