Preval vFan Airbush System

$554.06 (Inc GST)
Code: 800

Our award-winning vFan Spray System is a professional portable airbrush system that delivers paints, chemicals, solvents or any other liquid medium imaginable without any adulterations or color shifts. The vFan Airbrush is the world’s first 0.9 mm airbrush which allows the user to fully control the flow from a 1/16" detailed line to a 3" fan pattern with total consistency and almost no overspray. For the first time, professionals can easily atomize any coating or liquid, on any project. Our siphon-fed, dual-action, stainless steel and brass vFan Airbrush delivers professional results with our 150 Feet of Energy — a 2-in-1
pocket aerosol compressor and duster — and also works with any standard compressor. The vFan Spray System is an all-in-one touchup system for precision painting, surface preparation, touch-ups and
curing. We suggest using our 150 Feet of Energy with our EDU (not included) for long lasting use.


The vFan Spray System includes:
1 | vFan Airbrush
1 | 0.9 mm Fan Air Cap
1 | 0.9 mm Standard Air Cap
2 | Cans of 150 Feet of Energy
3 | Product Containers (6 oz., 3 oz. and 1 oz.)
1 | 6' Air Hose with 1/4" NPT
1 | Extra 0.9 mm Needle
1 | Pressure Tank Regulator for 150 Feet of Energy


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